Your Healthy Bones

May is not only National Pet Month, it’s also National Osteoporosis Month. The two concepts are more linked than you might think.

You see, to be able to give your pet everything he or she is due (exercise, play, activity), you have to have healthy, strong bones. As we age, that can become complicated by Osteoporosis, which causes a progressive lessening off bone mass. This condition can cause bones to weaken dramatically.

Fortunately, there are things you can due to stave off the effects this disease, and keep your bones strong for as long as possible.

National Osteoporosis Foundation is offering these “5 Steps to Break Free from Osteoporosis:”

  1. Get to know your risk factors: Many factors play a role in your risk for osteoporosis, including age, gender, lifestyle, medical history, family history and whether you take any medication or have medical conditions that can lead to bone loss.
  2. Get active: Doing regular weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercise is one of the best ways to protect against osteoporosis and broken bones.
  3. Eat Your Way to Healthy Bones: Calcium, vitamin D, lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats are the key to eating for healthy bones.
  4. Ask your healthcare provider when you should get a bone density test: The painless, 10-minute test will help predict your risk of breaking a bone.
  5. Don’t smoke and don’t drink too much alcohol: No more than two drinks a day is best for bone health.

Follow these steps, and keep your bones healthy and strong, for the sake of all of your loved ones (including pets).

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