You’ll Sleep when Your Newborn Lets You (start evil laugh)

May is Better Sleep Month – but try telling that to parents of newborns.

According to baby-breathing-monitor maker Owlet Baby Care, just 5% of parents with a newborn (zero to six months old) are getting the recommended eight hours of sleep a night.

A full 43% of them get a mere one to three hours of uninterrupted sleep per night.

Seventeen percent of moms say they get a poor night sleep every single night of the week due to their newborn.

This is nasty stuff, since impaired sleep can affect a parent’s health, moods and general well-being just when she needs it most.

It can also cause parents of newborns to fall asleep in some strange places, as Owlet found:

  • Close to one-third (30 percent) of new fathers have fallen asleep at work.
  • One in five (21 percent) of new parents have fallen asleep in a parked car.
  • Twelve percent have fallen asleep at the kitchen table.
  • Eleven percent have fallen asleep in the shower.

There’s no easy solution to this problem, but it certainly helps when parents share middle-of-the night baby responsibilities.

Owlet’s research found that not enough parents are doing this: 32% of moms report that their spouse or partner never get out of bed to check on baby at night, while only 7% of dads report that mom never got out of bed.

Of course, the Owlet Smart Sock monitor can help bring peace of mind. It sends alerts — to a base station and via WiFi to a smartphone — if a baby were to stop breathing while sleeping.

Another good piece of advice is to find ways to nap at work.

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