Tips on Successful Holiday Wreath-Making, from Amazing Graze Flowers

The team at Australia’s Amazing Graze Flowers have put together a simple guide to ensure an easy and fuss-free DIY wreath-making for the holidays.

Choose Your Base

There are a few types of bases, each ideal for specific types of wreath making. A twig base is great for a natural-looking arrangement, but they can be tricky to fix foliage to.

Wire bases are perfect for heavier materials and ideal creations if intended for hanging.

They can be purchased in a single or double ring depending on the desired size. Affix the leaves with floral wire for staying power.

Styrofoam bases are good for light wreaths and best used for table placement. For artificial flowers, paint or cover the base with fabric to avoid the colour showing through. For fresh cuts, soak the base in water to keep the arrangement fresher longer. Then, simply stick the plants right into the base. 

Green Goes First

Start by laying out all materials to decide how the wreath should look. Then, start in one area with the greenery and slowly work around the wreath, twisting with each piece.

Another option is to start at the bottom and work to the top, then back to the bottom and so on for a natural look.

With the leaves on first, it’s easier to lay the other decorative elements on top and decide on final placement. Then once that’s done, it’s time to add extras such as berries, flowers and sprigs permanently to the wreath. These can be placed symmetrically or in a more organic pattern.

Adding Finishing Touches

Give the wreath some extra flair with a few finishing touches, such as a ribbon for a festive bow that can pull double duty as a door hanger. For sparkle, why not twist some battery-powered fairy lights throughout the foliage or add some baubles?

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