Alternatives to Working in the Office

The majority of American companies in the advertising and marketing field now offer workplace flexibility programs, according to a new report from staffing firm The Creative Group.

More than three-quarters (76 percent) of advertising and marketing executives surveyed said their company offers some form of alternative work arrangement.

The most common is part-time hours, provided by roughly six in 10 employers (61 percent). Flextime and telecommuting are available to another 33 percent and 30 percent of professionals, respectively.

This research shows employees who work remotely do so an average of three days a week. But advertising and marketing executives who are able to telecommute typically spend only one day a week off-site.

Executives ranked part-time hours, flextime and telecommuting as the most important alternative work arrangements for recruiting and retaining creative professionals.

But what do employees want? When asked which option they find most appealing, the top response was flextime (37 percent), followed by telecommuting and a compressed workweek (tied at 26 percent).

Keep dreaming, people.

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