What Would Get You to Move?

America has long been considered a nation on the move – a restless land of dreamers who like to pack up and head across the continent in search of opportunity. But what are the biggest factors motivating Americans to move out?

According to a new report from The Demand Institute, three of every four movers cite a location-related reason for moving. People move to be nearer to a job, or to get their kids into better schools. Some are just looking for a neighborhood that offers better public services, or one that is more walkable.

Most moves, therefore, are undertaken for practical reasons. While we view ourselves as a bold nation of adventurers and cowboys, the reality is far more prosaic.

In fact, the study found that most people who move wind up within 30 miles of their current home. Forget the untamed wilderness, in other words, just find us a suburb with low crime and good schools.

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