What to Tell Your Boss During March Madness

Companies that allow employees to celebrate March Madness during the NCAA basketball tournament report increases in both morale and worker productivity, according to a new study. That’s right, college basketball fans can be good for business.

Anyone who works with a college basketball fan knows that things can get a bit heated during the critical March Madness phase of the tournament. It’s a time that reminds us all that the word “fan” is derived from “fanatic.”

Bosses who are charged with managing a workforce during the madness may be tempted to tamp down on the enthusiasm in the name of keeping things professional. They should think twice, according to the study, which has been released by OfficeTeam.

OfficeTeam interviewed a bunch of senior managers, and found that nearly 32% of them believe that activities tied to the college basketball playoffs boost employee morale. Twenty seven percent of the bosses felt that March Madness has a positive impact on worker productivity.

In other words, companies that allow employees to watch games, or participate in betting pools, say that this indulgence results in positive business results for the company. It’s a win/win, (unless your team loses, of course).

So, if you are one of those college basketball fans for whom March is the most important time of the year, be sure to let your boss know that your “enthusiasm” can actually help the company’s bottom line.

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