We Still Go Out to the Movies

Movie theaters are alive and well in 2017, and are likely to remain so for years to come, if the latest box office figures from comScore are any indication.

ComScore said that North American movie box office set a record in 2016, with theater-goers shelling out $11.4 billion for tickets through December 31.

Finding Dory was the #1 draw for the year. The cute fish story pulled in $486,295,561 in North American theaters.

Keep in mind that foreign box office is often much greater than domestic, and that there are many other revenue streams for popular movies these days. All told, Finding Dory is a billion dollar movie.

Also making the grade in North American theaters were Rogue: A Star Wars Story ($408,200,000) and Captain America: Civil War ($408,084,349).

What do the top 3 all have in common? They are all new installments of popular franchises, for one. For another, they were all distributed by Disney.

In fact, Disney releases made up six of the top ten North American box office draws last year, (with the other three being Jungle Book ($364,001,123), Zootopia ($341,268,248) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($284,694,956).

Take a look at the full listing HERE.

That’s a whole lot of box office, and it doesn’t even include popcorn.

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