The Absolute Worst Gifts to Give This Valentine’s Day, According to

The most romantic day of the year is coming up next month, so dating site has released tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day from home this year as well as the absolute worst gifts to get your valentine. 

First, let’s discuss what not to give.

There are some gifts that one should avoid entirely when thinking about what to get their significant other this Valentine’s Day. Those gifts include:

Engagement Style Ring: The only time you should get your partner a ring that looks like an engagement ring is when you are proposing. An engagement ring is a really special piece of jewelry that represents love and commitment. It should only be given when you are ready to take that next step with your significant other.

Perfume/Cologne that Your Ex Used to Wear: Scent is a very personal thing. Everyone has they own identifying smell. If you are thinking about getting your partner a perfume or cologne for Valentine’s Day, make sure to pick out one that you really think will suit them. Picking a scent that your ex used to wear is something to avoid when shopping.

A Pet: Even though they are very cute, pets are a huge 10-20-year commitment. When choosing a gift for your partner, you want to make it something that they can enjoy but don’t need to tend to everyday. However, if you are thinking about getting your partner a pet, make sure it isn’t a surprise and they are onboard with the idea.

Last Valentine’s Day, reported the worst gifts their users were ever given which included a used candle and a card themed for the wrong holiday. With an entire year gone by, resurveyed its users to discover 78% have received gifts that they didn’t really enjoy. Surprising presents include:

Wilted Flowers

A picture frame with no picture in it

A pet hamster

A bag of unopen assorted Halloween candy

Valentine’s Day themed socks

An online workout subscription

An Ashtray

A used gift card

An open bottle of wine / liquor

An old VHS movie

Now, here’s what you should give:

Just like recent holidays that passed, Valentine’s Day is going to look a little different this year.

A majority of couples will be spending the day at home rather than in a public place such as the movies or a favorite restaurant, but that doesn’t mean the holiday day will not be special. has shared below some fun and romantic at home date ideas to celebrate with your love.

Spa and Massage: Who doesn’t love to be pampered? This year, it is a fun idea to set up an at home spa and massage. Couples can take turns giving each other romantic massages and spa treatments of their choice. Pick out your favorite face mask and beverage and have a relaxing and romantic evening.  

Home-made Movie Theater: Going to the movies or a live show is always a popular event for Valentine’s Day. This year, couples can make their own movie theater right in their living room! Pick out a new movie that you and your partner have been wanting to see, grab your favorite candy, snacks and drinks and press play. The best part of this at home date is that you don’t have to get dressed up, sweatpants and your favorite oversized sweater is the perfect attire.

Take-out Dinner: Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with your partner. Instead of cooking a time-consuming dinner and having to clean it all up, pick a couple of your favorite restaurants and order a smorgasbord of food to go! To make it more fun, don’t tell your partner what you got and surprise each other with delicious food.

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