Stay Safe On the Road with These Tips from Discount Tire

Tire and wheel retailer Discount Tire wants to make sure drivers across the country are riding on safe tires for their errand runs, weekend getaways or cross-country road trips.

During National Tire Safety Week, more than 1,070 Discount Tire stores in 36 states will offer complimentary tire air checks for any driver, along with special promotions and rebates on new tires.

Drivers are encouraged to visit their neighborhood Discount Tire to get a free pressure check before hitting the road.

National Tire Safety Week, an annual initiative of the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association, will take place August 31 through September 6.

According to a recent survey conducted by Discount Tire, nearly 50 percent of Americans plan to take a road trip of more than 100 miles in the next 30 days, with over one in two feeling comfortable with the idea of taking a road trip.

National Tire Safety Week serves as a reminder for those eager drivers to check their vehicles before hitting the road. To help them prepare, the experts at Discount Tire have four key tire safety tips every driver should know:

Check your tires – With most cars sitting idle more than ever this year, it’s important to check your air pressure at least once a month, especially before long trips. Even when tires aren’t used, they can lose one to two PSI (pounds per square inch) of pressure per month.

Know their age – The older a tire, the higher its risk of failure. As a tire ages, the rubber becomes brittle, losing elasticity and strength. A tire’s age can be found by checking the DOT number stamped on its sidewall. Discount Tire recommends replacing any tire that’s six years old or older.

Check your trunk – Many manufacturers of new vehicles are replacing spare tires with tire-inflation kits that include puncture-coating sealants and air compressors, or even run-flat tires. Check to see what your vehicle has, and make sure you have a roadside-assistance plan.

Don’t overload – Before loading your vehicle for a road trip, check the manufacturer specifications for load-carrying capacity. Overloading has an impact similar to driving on underinflated tires.

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