This Election Has Taken an Intimate Toll

If you’re like most Americans you’ll greet Wednesday morning with sweet relief. Yes, this nasty election is almost over.

But while the votes may finally be counted, some unconventional research shows that this horrible, bitter season has already taken a toll – on trust, and even on love.

According to women’s health company Kindara many Americans’ sex lives have been negatively impacted by this year’s election.

Key findings of the company’s survey of American women include:

  • Sex trumps debates – 67% of women who identify as Republicans responded that having sex was a higher priority than watching the debates.  The sentiment was significantly lower for Democrats (50%).
  • Voters Turnout or Turned on – 45% of the women identifying as Republicans said they are most looking forward to having sex, compared to voting, on Election Day (compared to 25% of Democrats).
  • Election dysfunction – Democrats seem to be the most affected by campaign negativity with 19% of respondents indicating a negative impact on their sex lives (compared to 9% of Republicans).
  • Sleeping with the enemy – Democrats appear to be more open to having relationships with someone outside of their political party. 33% of Democrats reported their partner had a different political affiliation, versus 16% of Republicans.
  • A thrusting economy – 21% of women surveyed report good economic news positively impacting their sex lives, similarly bad economic news negatively affected the sex lives of 18% of those surveyed.
  • Baby bust – Overall, 4% of respondents said they would delay becoming pregnant because of the results of the election. Amongst the group of women that would delay a pregnancy, 56% were Democrats and 18% were Republicans.

Yes, it’s almost over, and maybe our lives can return to normal. Just make sure that you do vote, and remember: your vote is private, so there’s no need to tell anyone who you voted for. Sometimes, relationships can benefit from a bit of mystery…

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