These Vehicles Have the Best Resale Value

A great deal on a new vehicle will only stay great if the operating costs remain competitive, and the resale value is strong at trade-in time. A new report from Kelley Blue Book examines the latter.

KBB recently ranked vehicles on resale value, and awarded top honors to the best 10.

The company’s annual Best Resale Value Awards recognizes vehicles for their projected retained value through the initial five-year ownership period.

In general, trucks and SUVs dominate in this category. Vehicles in these categories simply hold onto their value due to ever rising demand. But all are not equal in this respect.

Toyota earns top honors for Best Resale Value Brand, a designation it last received in 2014, claiming four 2017 model-year winners.

Porsche captures the Best Resale Value Luxury Brand title for the first time ever with three model winners.

Other notable automakers among the list of 2017 Best Resale Value Award winners in 22 different categories include General Motors with an impressive seven models taking honors for its Chevrolet and GMC brands, Honda with four model winners, and Subaru, last year’s best brand winner, with four 2017 Best Resale Value Award wins.

Lexus, last year’s best luxury brand award winner, has four models winning this year’s awards and is the only other luxury brand on the list in addition to Porsche.


Here are the winners:

2017 Best Resale Value: by Vehicle Category

Subcompact Car:  Honda Fit

Electric Vehicle:  Chevrolet Bolt EV

Compact Car:  Subaru Impreza

Subcompact SUV/Crossover:  Honda HR-V

Sporty Compact Car:  Subaru WRX

Compact SUV/Crossover:  Jeep Wrangler

Mid-Size Car:  Subaru Legacy

Mid-Size SUV/Crossover:  Toyota 4Runner

Full-Size Car:  Nissan Maxima

Full-Size SUV/Crossover:  Chevrolet Suburban

Entry-Level Luxury Car:  Lexus RC

Luxury Compact SUV/Crossover:  Porsche Macan

Luxury Car:  Lexus GS

Luxury Mid-Size SUV/Crossover:  Lexus RX

High-End Luxury Car:  Porsche Panamera

Luxury Full-Size SUV/Crossover:  Lexus LX

Sports Car:  Porsche 718 Cayman

Mid-Size Pickup Truck:  Toyota Tacoma

High Performance Car:  Ford Mustang Shelby

Full-Size Pickup Truck:  Chevrolet Silverado HD

Hybrid/Alternative Energy Car:  Honda Accord Hybrid

Minivan:  Toyota Sienna


2017 Best Resale Value: Top 10 Cars

Chevrolet Colorado

Jeep Wrangler

Chevrolet Silverado

Subaru WRX

GMC Canyon

Toyota 4Runner

GMC Sierra

Toyota Tacoma

Honda Ridgeline

Toyota Tundra

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