These Southeast States Are Tops with CEOs

In a recent poll from the Chief Executive Group, U.S. CEOs picked the best state in the country for business. States in the Southeast dominated the top 5.

While Texas was picked as the top state for business, the next five were Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Louisiana.

CEOs ranked state in terms of taxes and regulations, quality of the workforce, and living environment, which includes such considerations as quality of education, cost of living, affordable housing, social amenities and crime rates.

Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and Louisiana rank well in the aforementioned qualities, yet also have great access to ports and other transportation hubs.

The old saying, “Go West, young man, and grow up with the country*” may now have to be changed to, “Go South, ye talented young men and women.”

*Trivia question: who came up with this saying? (Hint: it wasn’t Horace Greeley).

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