There’s No Need to Stick with Big Banks

It’s easier than you think to un-stick yourself from big banks, and join a credit union.

Lower Fees, Better Rates

As member-owned not-for-profits, credit unions are in a better position to offer the lowest fees on banking services. We usually have the best rates on mortgages, car loans and other lending products, too.

You’re a Person to Us, and an Owner

Did we say “member owned?” That means that YOU become a part-owner of a credit union, just for opening a checking account at a CU. That’s not just our philosophy, it’s fact. When you join the credit union family, you’re treated like a real person. This is why credit unions consistently rank above banks in terms of customer satisfaction: Our customers are our owners, too.


Credit unions have vast shared branch and ATM networks all across the country. We might be small, but we stick together to serve you. In recent years credit unions have rolled out powerful new mobile banking apps for iOS and Android devices, so you stay connected to your financial life 24/7.

Keep Your Money, In Your Community

We may stick together nationally, but credit unions are community-based and community-focused. We keep your money close to home, and put it to work in your community. When you bank with a credit union, you’re helping to grow small businesses in your community and support your friends, family and neighbors first.

Free Yourself!

It’s never been easier to join a credit union. If you’re reading this, we’re sure we can find you a credit union in your area that will welcome you with open arms. So, why not free yourself from profit-driven banks today, and join the not-for-profit credit union alternative?

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