The Wrong Doggy Door Can Really Cost You

Doggy doors can be huge leakers of your home’s climate-controlled air – or they can be among the most energy-efficient openings in the home.

A company called Freedom Pet Pass makes a line of dog and cat doors that have been approved to wear the California Energy Commission (CEC) label.

Getting approved for the CEC label isn’t easy, since the product has to pass some rigorous tests to ensure that it doesn’t leak hot or cold air from the home.

The problem is, to function easily enough so that pets will use the doors while still ensuring energy efficiency is no mean feat – demanding precision manufacturing and superior design.

Freedom Pet Pass claims to have achieved this combination, and the California Energy Commission apparently agrees with the company.

Find out more about the Freedom Pet Pass line HERE.

Now, there are other companies offering premium dog and cat doors. Check out some of the competing products from these companies:

Gun Dog House Door Co.

Security Boss Manufacturing (MaxSeal)

Chances are, one of these companies will work for you. Of course, these pet doors are not at the cheap end of the spectrum. However, cheap pet doors cost you money whenever you run your heating or air conditioning.

They can also pose a security risk to the home.

So, maybe it’s better to spend more now rather than lose money every winter and summer.

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