The State of Auto Insurance

Who pays the most for auto insurance by state? If you guessed that drivers in California or New Jersey pay the most, you’re almost right.

Insurance comparison site Answer Financial compiled the following table of average auto insurance premiums by state. See how your state stacks up:


Auto Insurance By State
State Avg. Insurance Estimate
Rhode Island $2618
Connecticut $2392
West Virginia $2103
Delaware $1846
Massachusetts $1720
California $1600
Hawaii $1596
Maryland $1393
New Jersey $1317
Colorado $1228
New Mexico $1212
Minnesota $1045
Washington $938
Maine $885
Oregon $871
Vermont $807
Illinois $764
Nevada $727
Louisiana $1749
Georgia $1706
Michigan $1649
Florida $1535
Montana $1383
Oklahoma $1332
Mississippi $1217
Arizona $1166
Alabama $1105
Arkansas $1098
Nebraska $1085
South Carolina $1060
Texas $1059
Virginia $1035
Alaska $1033
Utah $969
Pennsylvania $956
Kansas $949
South Dakota $916
Tennessee $910
North Carolina $902
Ohio $899
Missouri $890
North Dakota $876
Wisconsin $852
Idaho $851
Wyoming $786
Indiana $747
Kentucky $1331
Iowa $1085
New York $966
New Hampshire $867

Well, there you have it. If your premium doesn’t line up with your state’s average keep in mind that the averages are based on very specific criteria.

According to the company, the average annual premiums are based on a previously insured married female, age 35, driving a Honda Civic EX 10,000 miles per year; Driver lives in her state’s capital city, has excellent credit, no violations or accidents, 50/100 Bodily Injury limits and a $500 deductible.

Your insurance is based on your particular situation, (age, area, driving record, etc.), so you may come in way above, or below your state’s average quote.

It is interesting to see how some states that you would expect to have sky-high premiums (New York, Pennsylvania) are actually quite low on the league table, while states that don’t seem too dangerous for drivers (Rhode Island, New Mexico) are actually quite pricey for auto insurance.

Of course, the more driving you do without tickets or accidents, the better your premium will be. It’s always nice to pay below-average premiums, after all.


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