The Industry of Figuring Out Millennials

As the Millennial Generation grows larger than the Baby Boomers, marketers are scrambling to learn all they can about what these young adults want and how they think. Now everyone has a custom database to assist with this effort.

Called Whatsgoodly, this project bills itself as, “the largest database of millennial attitudes in the world is now available for searching by anyone, including journalists, marketers, and others who need to know what that key demographic is thinking right now.”

Millennial won’t know whether to feel flattered or frightened, now that they’re being followed around, analyzed and poked at as never before.

Know Your Millennials

Whatsgoodly CEO and founder Adam Halper said in a statement, “In just under a year we’ve collected more survey responses from college students than all of the past surveys ever taken in the United States combined.”

“We want to give a voice to college students. Young people are often sensationalized in the media, so now we’re offering the public the ability to get stats and insights on how this demographic actually thinks and feels,” he said.

Every Generation Needs an App

The large and growing database is built on the Whatsgoodly app’s micropolls of U.S. college students on topics that cover the full spectrum of their interests, from public policy to entertainment to lifestyle attitudes.

Halper believes the Whatsgoodly search page will empower student writers and other media to accurately portray Millennials within important nationwide conversations through relevant and timely public opinion data.

The search can be accessed HERE. The Whatsgoodly app can be downloaded for free for iPhone and Android.

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