The Flu Had a Great Holiday Season

Did you notice the sniffles and coughs at holiday gathering and on holiday airline flights? There were a lot of bugs going around.

In fact, the Walgreens Flu Index for Christmas week showed the worst flu activity in 1. Puerto Rico 2. Mississippi, 3. Montana, 4. Oklahoma, 5. Louisiana, 6. Utah. 7. Wyoming, 8. Alabama, 9. Hawaii and 10. Texas.

The Flu Index shows which populations are experiencing the most incidences of influenza each week based on Index methodology, the data does not measure actual levels or severity of flu activity.

With the ability to generate hyper-local data across most U.S. markets, the Flu Index is an online, interactive resource allowing anyone to search and find information regarding the most current state of influenza in their community.

You can find the latest Index data HERE.

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