Summer Jobs, at Twice the Minimum Wage

Here’s some good news for summer job seekers: according to Careerbuilders’ annual job forecast, 53% of employers offering summer jobs have openings that pay twice the Federal minimum wage of $7.25/hr.

This forecast is based on a national survey of 2,000 full-time, U.S. hiring and human resources managers across industries and company sizes. It was conducted for Careerbuilder by Harris Poll.

And there’s another piece of good news from the survey: more employers are hiring seasonal workers this year than was the case from 2008-2011, (36% vs. 21%).

Most of the employers surveyed (77%) said they would consider taking some of the summer hires on full-time.

As the economy improves, there is more opportunity for work, and more opportunity to make a decent wage doing that work.

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