Staying Healthy Can Help You to Avoid Burnout

We often associate job burnout with stress, and over-work. While rest is an important element in avoiding burnout, so, too is staying active and healthy, according to a new report.

A survey conducted recently by Harris Poll on behalf of Virgin Pulse found that there is a strong link between having a healthy lifestyle and job productivity.

In fact, 93% of senior-level executives polled said that living a healthy lifestyle can prevent employees from feeling burnt out. Ninety-seven percent said that healthier employees are more productive than non-healthy employees.

This kind of executive-level thinking is prompting many companies to invest in employee wellness programs. These programs have traditionally included things like gym memberships, incentives to quit smoking and regular professional monitoring of employee health and fitness.

However, the latest trend in employee wellness is to take a more holistic view of employee well-being, and to encourage lifestyles that promote improvements in mental and physical health.

A more holistic employee wellness program might include options for flex-time or working from home, for instance, to produce a better work/life balance.

But while nearly every senior executive polled recognized the need to promote employee well-being, fewer than three-quarters of American companies offer the very best in employee wellness programs.

If employees – and companies – are to benefit from the latest in employee wellness programs, more companies need to practice what they preach.

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