Majority of Americans Age 50+ Oppose Social Security and Medicare Cuts to Reduce Deficit, AARP Survey Finds

An AARP survey released today finds that 85% of Americans age 50+ oppose cutting Social Security and Medicare to reduce the federal budget deficit.

The poll shows overwhelming opposition from both Republicans (88%) and Democrats (87%) on cutting Social Security benefits to pay down the deficit.

Similarly high proportions of Republicans (86%) and Democrats (87%) strongly oppose cuts to Medicare.

To date, nearly a quarter million people have sent messages to federal lawmakers demanding they oppose the TRUST Act – legislation that would create a 12-member committee that could fast-track cuts targeting Social Security and Medicare.

The history of these types of efforts show they are flawed from their inception, create further polarization, and violate the trust of the American people, since they do not provide open and accountable deliberation.

Elected officials should instead focus on meeting the health and retirement income needs of all Americans.

The new survey comes in advance of the soon-expected annual Social Security and Medicare Trustees’ reports.

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