Small Business: The Digital Divide

Digital marketing can bring big success to small businesses. So, why are so many doing without?

Clutch, a leading B2B research firm, recently surveyed small businesses across the U.S., and found that many of them are doing without a digital marketing presence.

The most common reasons cited were cost and complexity.

Many small business people believe that they need to hire expensive talent to implement a digital marketing plan, and that the ongoing expense of their program will be prohibitive.

At the same time, 80% of small businesspeople surveyed believe that digital marketing is imperative to business success.

A majority of small businesses currently have a social media presence, using services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

It’s no wonder, since these services are easy to get involved with, and free.

However, Clutch points out that many small businesspeople are failing to take advantage of easy-to-use software and tools for creating and managing email newsletters, building websites and mobile apps, scheduling social media posts, and tracking relevant metrics.

Many of these options are available at little or no cost, and don’t require much of a learning curve to implement.

It really isn’t that difficult for even tiny, “mom and pop” businesses to make a big impression using digital marketing and digital presence.

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