Should You Really Send Someone a “Glitterbomb”?

Pranks and practical jokes can be good, harmless fun. And it is in that spirit that a company has launched a service that allows you to send people “bombs” that explode in a hail of glitter.

The service — which is appropriately called – charges $9.99 to send this glittery punishment to enemies, frenemies, exes, annoying coworkers, bad neighbors and others you deem worthy of such treatment.

As the company points out, glitter is a deceptively annoying product: when spread out from a “bomb blast” it can be frustratingly difficult to get out of hair, clothing, carpets and furniture.

These glitter envelopes can be sent anonymously to anyone and, when opened, provide the unsuspecting recipient with a shower of the stuff. said that they have already sold nearly 10,000 of the envelopes.

So, is this a good idea? After all, we’ve seen a lot of nasty things going “boom” in the world recently, with a lot of people getting hurt. People are understandably on edge when it comes to exploding mail.

While the glitter bomb poses no physical risk to the recipient, it could result in someone getting scared enough to have an adverse physical reaction. Or, someone could be so annoyed that they might sue the sender. We advise using caution when pulling these types of pranks on people.

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