September Is Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Dog owners should be caring and responsible all year ‘round, but especially now. That’s because September has been officially designated Responsible Dog Ownership Month.

To mark the occasion, Canine Company – the people who make the Invisible Fence – have concocted a five-question quiz, which you can use to check your status as a responsible pet owner:

  1.  Do you make regular visits to the vet?  Don’t wait until your dog is sick or injured to visit a veterinarian.  A dog needs annual wellness checks and regular vaccination updates.  Since dogs age faster than their humans, they’ll need more frequent check-ups to stay healthy, as they get older.
  2.    Do you give your dog plenty of exercise?  Small or large, high energy or couch potato, every dog needs daily exercise for health and wellbeing (just like people). Taking a long walk or making a visit to the dog park in inclement weather isn’t fun, but is part of responsible pet parenting.
  3.   Do you groom your dog regularly? Regular grooming – brushing, bathing and nail trims – keeps your pet clean, comfortable and nice to be near.  It also keeps her skin and coat healthy and enables you to identify potential problems, like parasites, early.
  4.   Do you practice training commands with your dog?  Training has many benefits:  it provides intellectual stimulation, gives him a “job” and enhances his bond with you.  A dog who gets regular practice is better behaved and happier.
  5.   Do you keep your dog safe? More than one million dogs are hit by cars and killed every year.  Always walk your dog on a leash, and keep your dog confined to your yard with state-of-the-art, electronic fence system like the Invisible Fence brand.

That last question included a plug for the Invisible Fence. Did you see how they did that? Slick. But the point is a valid one, whether you use this company’s products or not.

One other point: it can still get awfully hot in September, so make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water at all times. And never leave your dog in your vehicle.

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