Avoid These Resume and Interview Mistakes

Staffing firm Robert Half Technology is offering advice on how not to blow your next job search.

Though this advice is geared toward technology professionals, much of it applies to applicants for any position. Robert Half Technology interviewed CIOs about their experiences hiring (or not hiring) job candidates.

In terms of resume mistakes, the top job opportunity killers include:

  • Frequent job hopping for a non-consultant candidate
  • Bad formatting, sloppiness or typos
  • Too long or too much unnecessary information
  • Not highlighting strategic thinking and business knowledge
  • Overuse of technical jargon
  • Overly complicated
  • No context around prior experience

These were the top interview mistakes:

  • Speaking negatively about past employers or managers
  • Poor body language, such as no eye contact or a weak handshake
  • Unprepared for technical questions
  • No clear understanding of the business
  • Ineffective explanation of career history
  • Unprofessional dress

No “thank you” or follow-up after the interview

As you have probably surmised, doing the opposite of these things will help you to get the job.

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