More Renters Worried About Finances Than Health During Coronavirus, Apartment Guide Survey Finds

Apartment Guide has released a new survey tracking renter sentiment on their homes, work and lifestyles since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

The findings show the majority of renters were able to pay their rent on-time in April, however 4 in 10 renters are concerned about their ability to pay rent in the upcoming months.

Renters living with their parents or relatives are the most worried about paying rent. But those living with pets or roommates also report increased concern. Individuals living on their own or with a significant other are slightly less anxious about paying their rent compared to others.

The survey also discovers that most renters are practicing social distancing, and the majority of them feel they are handling coronavirus isolation and emotional effects well.

They are adjusting to working from home, as well. In fact, 70% of renters say they easily found a workspace in their home, about the same percentage of respondents who have had to adjust to new ways of working.

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