Less Than Half of Employees Say Their Company Provides Remote Work Options

How common are remote work arrangements? In a new survey from global staffing firm Robert Half, less than half of professionals (47%) said their company provides the option to work off-site.

Of those, 70% take advantage of the perk and work from home; an additional 6% do their job from another location, such as a café or shared office space.

For the remaining 24%, not having the right technology (39%) and being less productive due to distractions (38%) are the main deterrents to working outside the office.

Companies today are taking steps to support staff who want more flexibility.

In a separate Robert Half survey of senior managers, more than half of respondents (56%) said their organization has expanded remote work opportunities for employees in the past three years.

Additional findings:

  • Among the 28 U.S. cities in the survey, San Diego, Austin and Chicago have the most companies that provide remote arrangements.
  • Employees in Chicago, Phoenix and San Diego are most likely to work from home when given the opportunity.
  • More men (77%) than women (64%) work from home. About three-quarters of working parents (74%) take advantage of this perk versus 64% of those without children.
  • Atlanta, San Diego and Minneapolis have the most senior managers who said they’ve increased remote work opportunities for employees in the past three years.

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