3 Helpful Tips for Remarketing Your Business, from fishbat

E-commerce behavior is not straight forward. In fact, a very common consumer behavior is expressing interest in a product or service by visiting a webpage or clicking an ad, but not completing a transaction immediately afterward, according to Internet marketing company fishbat.

This doesn’t necessarily indicate a lost sale, but a step in the buying process, and an opportunity to retarget the individual in the future. This is the basis of remarketing, which helps businesses reconnect with those likely to work with them.

In the world of modern digital marketing it is a critical component of a sales funnel. With this in mind, Internet marketing company, fishbat, shares 3 helpful tips for remarketing your business.

Offer incentives to those that previously visited product pages. There are many reasons why one may visit a product page and fail to complete a purchase. Perhaps they weren’t enticed by the asking price or they may have had other financial responsibilities to account for.

Regardless, to increase the probability of purchases being completed, incentives can be offered to visitors.

These include gift and discount codes, which are designed to entice visitors to make purchases. Even the smallest discount can make a difference between a user completing a transaction and drifting away from the product page.

Design compelling ads to serve to previous customers. Another way to remarket one’s business is through ad design. There are numerous features that ads should include, whether on social media, in search engine results, or any digital platform.

A striking combination of colors will catch a user’s attention at the onset. The same can be said about sharp designs that speak to the brand being represented.

Straightforward, inviting written copy will complete the ad design process. By running said ads, one’s remarketing efforts will strengthen, yielding more transactions in the process.

Continually monitor the progress of the remarketing strategy. As the strategy evolves and beings to perform, it’s essential to track its performance over time.

If there are certain product pages that are being focused on, determine how much traction they’re seeing. If performance falls under expectations, other product pages may need to be retargeted. A business may also want to focus on a different audience, whether in terms of age, interests, geographic location, just to name a few variables.

No remarketing strategy is without setbacks, but continuous monitoring will ensure that these are smoothed out in time.

By following these tips, a business will be able to finetune their remarketing strategy, facilitating transactions that would have been lost otherwise.

A lost sale does not have to be a reality – there are many ways to reach your prospects online – time and time again.

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