Prepare to See More Holiday Ads this Year

Holiday ad spending should rise this year, now that advertisers know you are paying attention to their pleas.

The 2016 Brand Impact Study reveals that newspaper advertising – ads in printed issues of newspapers, newspaper inserts/circulars, or ads on newspaper websites, apps, social media sites – is the most relied upon advertising platform when consumers shop for retail sales and deals.

This study is a series of national surveys released today by AMG/Parade.

Among users of specific ad platforms, more than six out of ten newspaper readers are “very likely” to rely on newspaper advertising when shopping, followed by point-of-sale circulars and ads delivered to consumers’ homes.

Newspaper readers are active online shoppers

Nearly four out of ten (38%) report that they plan to spend more this holiday shopping season online than last year (versus 33% reported by non-newspaper readers).  “Pricing information,” “product information” and “the ability to buy online” top the list of retail-related online searches that newspaper readers typically conduct.

Newspaper readers also report that they will spend more this season at traditional brick and mortar stores, outpacing non-newspaper readers (29% versus 27%, respectively).

When deciding where to shop, newspaper readers rank the “price of the products,” “quality of merchandise offered,” and a “comfortable shopping environment” as their primary drivers for retail store visits.

They’re on to you

Since holiday spending is expected to increase this year, advertisers will be more eager than ever to get their piece of your attention span.

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