Improvements That Can Increase The Value of Your Home

Some fairly simple improvements can help increase the value of your home.

The experts at Petri Plumbing & Heating, Inc., a family-owned home service company serving Brooklyn and Manhattan, are offering homeowners some simple tips and upgrading ideas that could increase the value of their property.

Even if you’re not planning to sell, simply upgrading or improving your HVAC and plumbing systems can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home, not to mention making your house more inviting to your family and your guests.

“We all know the New York housing market is competitive. This is no secret to anyone familiar with the market,” said Michael Petri, owner of Petri Plumbing & Heating. “Simply doing some upgrades or even minor DIY cosmetic changes can add value and give your home the edge it needs.”

Petri recommends the following improvements to give your home a quick facelift:


Modernize the pipes. If your home has galvanized or lead pipes, it’s time to upgrade. Galvanized steel and lead pipes cause bitter-tasting and rusty water, which is not appealing to home buyers and may not pass some insurance companies’ inspection regulations. Replacing them with copper and PVC can add dollars to your investment. Insulating your new pipes also helps improve both the asking price and the comfort level.

Add new taps and shower heads. Even if your bathroom is fairly new and in good working order, adding some shiny new taps in the kitchen and bathroom can make the home more appealing. Consider low-flow showerheads to conserve water and increase the sustainability of your home, too.

Replace the boiler. Buyers don’t want the headache of replacing the heating system right off the bat. Replacing an old boiler can make your home more appealing for those cold, winter nights.

Replace old drains or have existing drains cleaned. Along with modernizing the pipes, replacing old drains or having a plumber come in and snake existing drains to thoroughly clean them can make drains run smooth, which is attractive to home buyers.

HVAC System:

Add central air or mini splits. Most home buyers consider this a standard feature. If you haven’t added air conditioning to you central heating system, you should consider this. Some older homes, however, do not have the capacity for ductwork.

If your home fits this category and you want to preserve the historic feel of your older home, consider adding mini splits. A ductless mini split system uses an individual fan and evaporator unit for each room and the room-by-room control lowers energy costs.

Add or replace the insulation. This is a simple fix, but many people don’t consider it. It’s low-risk, easy to do and can improve your energy costs while increasing your ROI.

Clean or upgrade air ducts. Replacing or professionally cleaning your air ducts improves your home’s air quality, which makes it more attractive to home buyers.

Add energy efficient doors and window stripping. Replacing ill-fitting doors and sealed weather-stripping not only saves your money on your energy bills, returning your investment in a few short months, it also makes your home more appealing on the market.

“Whether you plan to stay in your home or want to improve it before putting it on the market, these simple tips can make your home more comfortable to live in or more attractive to sell,” Petri said. “For some homeowners, these tips may be simple weekend DIY tasks, but if you’re unsure about how to do these upgrades, always call in a professional.”

If you’re in New Yor City, find Petri Plumbing & Heating at or call (718) 748-1254.

Otherwise, look for the experts in your area to help you make these changes.

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