Pets Eat Some Strange Things

The next time you think that dogs and cats are blessed with an abundance of common sense, have a talk with a vet.

Vets are often on the receiving end of the curious – even dangerous – snack choices that pets can make.

Pet insurance specialist Trupanion keeps track of cases of where pets eat strange things, and recently shared some of their “greatest hits.”

The company has paid on claims on vet visits to treat all sorts of pet snacking fails – involving everything from socks to fish hooks.

Trupanion said it paid almost 10% more claims related to foreign object ingestion than in 2014.

The company’s biggest foreign body claim payout came to more than $21,000, in the case of a California dog who needed treatment for a tear it caused in her small intestine.

And lest you can owners think that it’s just dopey dogs who eat strange things, think again: while cats do account for less than 10% of Trupanion’s total foreign body ingestion related claims, when treatment is needed the costs are nearly $2,000 annually.

Trupanion warns that fast treatment is the key to avoiding major complications when your pet eats something it shouldn’t.

That’s because the opportunity for complications increases the further an object travels along the gastrointestinal tract.

Of course, the best way to avoid vet visits is to keep dangerous objects away from your pets. Never assume that they’ll have the sense not to eat something strange. It’s better to assume the worst, and take precautions.

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