People Seek Honesty in an Employer

Is honesty really the best policy? It is, if you’re a company that wants to recruit and retain the best workers, according to a new study.

HR services firm Randstad has released its 2014 Employer Branding Study, showing that today’s job seekers are almost as interested in the “personality” of a company as they are about the job offer.

For instance, Randstad found that 78% of workers are looking for an employer that is honest. Other employer qualities that appeal to workers are reliability (78%) and security (71%).

Prospective employees also want to work for a company that is well-respected (51%). What they were least interested in was working for a company that was described as daring (6%), robust (6%) or masculine (4%).

Other important considerations included long-term job security (55%), a pleasant working atmosphere (49%) and good work/life balance (43%), Randstad said.

If you’re an employer who wants to hire the best people, keep these things in mind. While salary and benefits are important, today’s employees are looking for the “full package.”

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