Online Networking is Great, but You Have to Use It

A new survey of senior managers finds strong consensus that online networking is a good way to help your career. However, you have to make use of those contacts you make.

OfficeTeam said that 47% of managers surveyed felt that online networking is the most effective way to connect with professional acquaintances.

However, 42% of them identified not asking others for help as the top networking mistake. This was followed by “not keeping in touch with contacts” (28%), “not thanking people for their help” (17%), “not providing help when others need it” (7%) and “burning bridges with past employers” (6%).

What these managers are saying is that not making use of your online contacts is the worst mistake you can make, which is a fairly interesting finding. This suggests that, in order to be actively part of your contacts’ careers, you have to make them an active part of yours.

This makes sense: people feel more connected to you – and feel that they have a stake in your success – when you involve them in problems you are trying to solve. This makes your contacts feel respected, and needed, by you. It also gives them insight into the kinds of things you’re dealing with professionally.

All of that helps to bring professionals closer together. Isn’t that what networking is all about?

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