Take a tour of Santa’s North Pole home on Zillow

Santa Claus’ home and toy workshop at the North Pole is now worth an estimated $1,031,401, according to Zillow. The pandemic led to skyrocketing home values across the country, and Santa’s home is no exception, gaining 19 percent in value since the last holiday season.

The pandemic upended the housing market and changed the way we live.

From how we work to our hobbies, life is different — including Santa’s. Santa and Mrs. Claus’ home is the ultimate Zen retreat, where they’ve been getting in shape, baking delicious goodies for the elves, and enjoying their time at home playing games and staying healthy.

Santa’s remote log cabin sits on 25 acres and has some unique features that pandemic-era home buyers will find appealing, including a floor-to-ceiling river rock fireplace, a hot cocoa tap and a gourmet oven with 12 different cookie settings.

This year, the Clauses updated their home photos, and it looks like they have a few new additions to their home, including a stationary bike and a recently adopted pup. Our hints here can help you spot all 11.

“Families who may not feel comfortable meeting Santa in person this year can still capture the holiday spirit by virtually touring his home,” says Zillow home trends expert Amanda Pendleton. “Spotting this year’s pandemic-era additions, like the Clauses’ newly adopted pet and a pair of red sweatpants, provides for a fun challenge for returning tour takers. Visitors can also unwrap an immersive 3D home tour of Santa’s elf village, powered by the same technology that makes it easier to virtually tour for-sale homes and rentals on Zillow.”

Santa and Mrs. Claus first claimed their home on Zillow in 2016, giving people around the world a glimpse into their enchanted lives.

Zillow calculated a special Zestimate for Santa’s one-of-a-kind property using comparable homes in remote locations and applying a Santa premium. The home has never been sold and is not on the market.

To see Santa’s home, visit zillow.com/house/santas-house.

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