New Year’s Resolution: See Your Credit Union

We all want a fresh start in 2016, and many of us make resolutions about changes we want to make. If any of yours involve money, make an appointment next week to see your credit union.

If you haven’t yet joined a CU, do so now. You will start the year right, and enjoy the benefits of not-for-profit, member-owned community banking for a lifetime.

If you are already a CU member, now is the time to sit across a table with someone who can turn your financial resolutions into actionable plans.

Remember, plans become more real when you share them with someone else. A professional at your CU will look over your spending and saving records from 2015, and help you find ways to make improvements.

You know you need a savings plan, with a set target for saving each month. Put that plan together now, before the craziness of life takes over — and suddenly it’s summertime.

There’s no real magic to building financial security, and eventually, wealth. All it takes is a bit of discipline, and a good plan well followed. Over time, you’ll see the magic of compounding interest at work. Your money will literally be working for you.

So, make that appointment to see your credit union this week, before 2016 starts getting old.

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