New Wearable “Cough Barrier” Promises to Limit Spread of Flu, Colds

Hypochondriacs have new reason to rejoice with the launch a new, easily-deployed device that promises to limit the spread of pesky flu and cold germs.

Called “Curtail – The Cough Barrier,” this device promises to eliminate 99% of expelled particulates from coughing, preventing the introduction of potentially untoward agents into the air by cold and flu sufferers.

The device fits in a shirt or pants pocket, and is quickly deployed by squeezing and placing over the mouth.

Its maker, a California start-up called Respiratory Products, Inc, hopes that Curtail will have a profound effect on public health – especially when used in crowded places.

There’s only one thing keeping our enthusiasm restrained: the device must be worn by a coughing, contagious person. This means that only responsible, conscientious types will use it – leaving the selfish and irresponsible (or simply the Curtail-less) among us to continue spreading germs.

In a perfect world, we’d all wear these things during flu season. Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold?

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