New App Protects Consumers from Coronavirus Text Message Scams

RoboKiller, an app designed to eliminate spam calls, has launched TextKiller, a mobile application that protects its customers from potentially dangerous text messages from numbers not listed in their contacts.

TextKiller’s launch comes after the company identified an influx of spam text messages related to COVID-19, offering masks, testing, and more. 

According to the FTC, nearly 52,500 Americans filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission over fraud related to COVID-19, with reported losses totaling over $38.6 million.

With the launch of TextKiller, RoboKiller said Americans will now have free access to premium scam text protection in attempts to reduce and prevent further financial losses to COVID-19 fraud.

The app’s text filtering system blocks annoying and malicious text messages from unknown phone numbers and offers the ability to filter unwanted messages by keyword.

TextKiller uses machine-learning to block 95% of spam text messages and is powered by RoboKiller’s vast spam text database.

The app also allows customers to create filters by adding specific phone numbers and keywords like “Buy Now” or “Masks” to a blacklist.

In contrast, other keywords, like “Emergency,” can be added to a whitelist.

This capability ensures messages deemed as wanted get pushed through, and others get stored in a separate Junk SMS tab.

TextKiller’s text blocking algorithm maintains user privacy – TextKiller only ever makes a filtering determination based on anonymous text message metadata.

TextKiller is free on the Apple App Store for a limited time, the company said.

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