New App Teaches Children to Compose Music, Adorably

Your child doesn’t have to be Mozart to become a musical prodigy anymore. Not in this digital age, where there’s an app for everything.

One of the latest apps promises to make Composing Music “intuitive and fun” for children aged 6 to 10.

It’s called NicoNotes Composer.

This app uses little, adorable NicoNotes musical notes characters to help make the world of music more inviting for children.

An engaging, visual approach to music composing

NicoNotes are “magical little owl-like characters”, according to the company.

Each NicoNote is a musical note with a unique personality and vibrant color.  When children place them on the musical staff the composing begins. It’s a very visual, engaging approach to music.

NicoNotes Composer features the MIPS (Musical Instrument Pets) – animated instrument characters including Chopin the piano, Strad the violin, Claire the clarinet and many more.

Children can adopt them to add instruments to their compositions and can visit the NicoNotes and MIPS in their magical Whistlers World homes to learn more about them.

This sounds like an interesting concept.

The NicoNotes Composer app is available on iOS and Android in English and Spanish, with more languages coming soon.

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