Most U.S. Counties See Uninsured Rate Drop

With all the hand wringing in Washington about health care reform recently it’s easy to overlook one optimistic data point: the uninsured rate for the under age 65 population has dropped by a lot in recent years.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the estimated uninsured rate for adults under age 65 decreased in 71.3 percent of the nation’s counties (2,239 counties) from 2014 to 2015.

That’s great, but critics point out that having insurance doesn’t necessarily mean having health care, due to the high co-pays, deductibles and out-of-pocket limits included with today’s policies.

Many Americans can afford the premiums on a health insurance policy, but find that they can’t afford these other costs. So they only see a doctor when they really, really need to. This is the enemy of both health maintenance and the early detection of disease.

So, the hand-wringing, (and the shouting and posturing), over healthcare will continue.

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