Mortgage Lenders More Optimistic than their Customers

A new survey from mortgage funder Fannie Mae finds senior mortgage executives more optimistic about the overall economy than their customers are.

However, they were also more pessimistic about consumers’ ability to get a mortgage today, than consumers.

The results were from Fannie Mae’s new quarterly Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey – which tracks insights into current lending activities and market expectations among senior mortgage executives at Fannie Mae’s lending institution partners.

Fannie Mae also found that reported consumer demand for single-family purchase mortgages rose from the 1st to 2nd quarters of 2014.

So, are you more pessimistic about the economy than your mortgage lender? Perhaps your pessimism is causing you to hold off on a mortgage – even as your lender’s optimism makes it a bit more likely that you would get approved for one.

There are a lot of little ironies to be found in this uncertain economy, that’s for sure.


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