In Politics (as with Everything Else These Days), Millennials Are the Focus

In Politics (as with Everything Else These Days), Millennials Are the Focus

A 70 million-strong generation is fast replacing the Baby Boomers as the focus of everyone from marketers to real estate firms to politicians. Yes, we’re talking about the Millennials.

Millennials haven’t replaced Boomers as a focus of politics – but only for the simple reason that Boomers still vote in bigger numbers. This will change.

So, it’s important to know how the Millennials differ from previous generations in their political views. Of course, this is a very diverse generation – with diverse political positions.

Still, some trends have emerged, according to some data recently collected by branding and creative agency Richards/Lerma.

Richards/Lerma pulled together data from various sources to determine some core values shared by many Millennials:

  • Employers should be required to pay the same salary to men and women who perform the same work
  • Access to good healthcare should be a right granted to all Americans
  • Good and accessible education should be a right of all U.S. citizens granted by the government
  • The government should not be allowed to spy on communications, email, or social media
  • There should be term limits set for members of Congress

This is an interesting mix. It shows that this generation generally leans left, but has a healthy distrust of politicians.

In general, political pollsters have determined that, as a group, Millennials tend to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal.

Does this mean that they are rejecting the “left/right” idealogical arguments that have driven politics since the 20th Century? Perhaps – and let’s hope so.

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