March Madness in the Office

Last year, research from staffing firm Robert Half found that allowing employees to participate in March Madness college basketball activities at work can actually boost worker morale. Now, the firm is refining their suggestions with a new round of March Madness tips and guidelines.

It was certainly interesting to learn that many managers were embracing March Madness as a way to keep their employees happy.

However, Robert Half’s research did note that 38% of office workers polled said they are distracted at work by major sports events. This was up from 20 percent five years ago.

So, there is a downside to allowing March Madness to infect the workplace. In light of this, Robert Half is making the following suggestions regarding March Madness etiquette:

“Let your boss know in advance if you’d like to take time off to enjoy the tournament so he or she can manage workloads.

Find out company policies on employee breaks, personal Internet use, workplace decorations and sports attire.

Take quick breaks to check scores or talk about games with colleagues, if allowed, but stay on top of your work responsibilities.

Cheer on your favorite team without getting overly competitive.

Join in on activities with coworkers to build camaraderie even if you’re not a sports fan.”

In other words, keep things under control and understand that not everyone in the office is a college basketball fan. Believe it or not, some are just there to work.

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