Labor Day Weekend Will be Longer, Last-Minute and Quieter this Year, According to Travelocity

After a summer travel season that saw travelers largely reserving trips last minute, close to home and with safety top of mind, Labor Day weekend – the last hurrah of summer – is looking like it, too, will feel a bit different this year.

As online travel company Travelocity reveals its travel predictions ahead of the end-of-summer holiday, demand, search and survey data shows this Labor Day will be longer, socially distant and all-important with many families venturing out for possibly the first time all summer.

A Travelocity survey in May revealed that most families were postponing or planning their first leisure trip during COVID-19 for Labor Day weekend.

Three in four families said they were planning outdoor and adventure activities for the holiday, and roughly half told the travel provider they would opt for water activities like visiting a beach or lake.

“Labor Day could be the last chance until the holidays for many families and travelers who may have sat out their regular summer plans to get out of the house together,” says Katie Junod, General Manager at Travelocity. “With safety as the main priority, travelers are taking advantage of the time off to extend their stay and slow down, with activities and destinations that allow them to spend as much time as possible outside.”

Top Labor Day Travel Predictions

What destinations are most popular for Labor Day?

“Demand for social distancing destinations means more people will spend the holiday weekend outside this year,” says Junod. According to Travelocity, these are among the most searched destinations for Labor Day 2020.

Top Searched Destinations


Carolinas: Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Outer Banks

Florida: Panama City, Key West, Pensacola

Alabama: Orange Beach, Gulf Shores

Northeast: Ocean City, Virginia Beach, Cape Cod

Lake Getaways

Lake Tahoe; Big Bear Lake, CA; Traverse City, MI

Outdoor Destinations

Colorado: Estes Park, Colorado Springs

North Carolina: Asheville, North Carolina Mountains

American West: Jackson Hole, WY; Grand Canyon

How do hotel bookings this Labor Day compare with last Labor Day?

‘Solo-distancing’ is on the rise this Labor Day weekend, with Travelocity reporting a near double digit increase in lodging reservations for one over the long holiday weekend.

Additionally, alternative accommodations like cabins and condos are growing in popularity with searches increasing anywhere from 200-500% year-over-year in the U.S.

Most travelers are extending their Labor Day to really enjoy the last hurrah of summer.

The average length of stay over the weekend is up between 10-15% compared with 2019. As for when travelers are making their weekend plans, look for lots of last-minute reservations.

“Last year, about one-in-three of travelers reserved their Labor Day plans the week of the holiday weekend. In 2020, we anticipate last-minute demand could be even higher,” says Junod.

What activities are most popular for Labor Day Weekend?

“It appears travelers are looking for quieter, more secluded activities for Labor Day weekend this year,” says Junod. The following searches have increased over the holiday weekend on Travelocity compared with the same time last year.

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