I Love You, But

America’s matrimonial lawyers report that prenuptials agreements are increasingly popular items with the millennial generation.

Prenups provide a way for people to get married without legally obligating themselves to an automatic 50-50% split of assets, should the couple one day divorce.

They allow couples to say, “If this doesn’t work out, you’ll keep what’s yours and I’ll keep what’s mine,” among other things.

In a statement, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) reports that 62% of its members recently polled report seeing an increase in the total number of clients who are seeking prenups during the past three years.

More than half of the attorneys have experienced an increase in requests for prenups from millennials, while only 2% saw a decrease from members of that generation.

The top three items most commonly covered by the marriage contracts were cited as “protection of separate property” by 78% of respondents, “alimony/spousal maintenance” at 74% and “division of property” with a 68% total.

Are millennials less romantic than other generations, or are they simply being more practical? Maybe it’s a bit of both. After all, the divorce rate has increased dramatically since the mid-twentieth century.

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