Homes with Treehouses Are Selling For 2.2% More Than Expected, Zillow Finds

Shopping for a home can be a challenging and emotional journey, and when kids are involved, finding the right home and moving becomes all the more complicated.

New research from online real estate company Zillow highlights the hottest kid-friendly features that are attracting home shopping families, and shows why families should be prepared to pay a premium and move quickly for them.

Highlighting outdoor family-friendly features help homes sell more quickly than indoor ones, showing the high demand families place on outdoor space.

Listings mentioning a backyard sold 5.2 days faster than expected, and homes featuring a sandbox (4.5 days quicker) and playground (2.5 days) also sold more quickly.

Not only are outdoor features prompting faster sales, they are also associated with a higher sale price. The feature with the highest price premium is “treehouse,” which contributed to a home selling for 2.2% more than expected.

Other backyard features selling for a premium include Jacuzzi (1.6%), swing set (0.8%), and pool (0.5%).

Families also are prioritizing community amenities that make the neighborhood fun for kids.

Keywords indicating nearby parks, cul de sac and community pools highlight common areas where kids can make new friends and play outside. These features also are associated with homes that sell between two and five days quicker than expected.

Additionally, homes in a “walkable” neighborhood are going 3.9 days faster, meaning families want these amenities to be close by and accessible.

Homes featuring “finished basements” and “bonus space” – spaces excellent to separate out work from play to give parents some peace and quiet – are selling for 0.7% more than expected.

In today’s market, home shopping can feel like another full-time job next to parenting and working. In a competitive market, securing pre-approval will speed up the process when the time comes to make an offer and snag the home with a swing set.

Buyers can utilize real estate technology, such as 3D home tours, to virtually tour homes ahead of time so they can act quickly when they find one that fits their needs.

Top 10 Kid-Friendly Features Associated with Homes Selling for More Than Expected

Feature                                    Price Premium

Treehouse                                2.2%

Shed, garage                             2.2%

hot tub, in-ground spa/jacuzzi   1.6%

Central heating, cooling            1.0%

Hardwood                                0.9%

Swing set                                  0.8%

Finished basement                   0.7%

Bonus space                             0.7%

Walkable                                  0.5%

Pool                                         0.5%

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