How Pet Food Is Made: The Industry Speaks

The Pet Food Institute wants you to know how much care goes into the making of your pet’s favorite foods – and they’ve produced a video to walk you through the process.

It makes sense for the industry-funded group to go on a P.R. offensive. After all, we’ve had some high-profile horror stories in recent years regarding dangerous pet food manufacturing practices and tainted pet food ingredients from dodgy suppliers in far off countries.

So, The Pet Food Institute, whose members make 98 percent of all U.S. pet food and treat products, recently released a new video and web content highlighting the manufacturing process for pet food and the safety practices in place.

From the ingredient supplier to a pet’s bowl, PFI members implement rigorous practices to advance food safety and nutrition.

While following strict regulatory oversight, pet food and treat makers are working to ensure they have reliable and trusted ingredient suppliers, maintain hygienic and secure facilities, conduct inspections and testing of ingredients, monitor the manufacturing of the food and provide traceability assurances during packaging.

The new PFI resources walk through this journey and inform pet lovers about the process of bringing food to dog’s or cat’s bowls.

A 90-second video following the journey of how pet food is made is available HERE . For an in-depth look at the manufacturing process and safety steps taken from nutrient to bowl, visit

Keep in mind that this is a mountpiece group for the pet food industry; it offers the industry’s side of the story. As always, do your own research and make your own decisions about what to feed your beloved pets.

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