How Often Do You Change Your Bedsheets?

If you only change your bedsheets once a month, you’re in surprisingly good company, according to a new study from Molly Maid.

The residential cleaning franchise said it surveyed more than 2,000 homeowners, and found that many of them hate to clean their toilets, and fewer than half are planning on doing spring cleaning.

And, yes, a disturbing 37% of respondents change their bed sheets just once per month. (It’s no wonder that bedbugs are making a comeback.)

Molly Maid offers some helpful tips: use microfiber cloths, since they eliminate up to 99% of bacteria. Also, if you drop two Polident dissolving tablets into the toilet bowl, then flush, it will help remove hard water and rust stains.

The company also advises that you should make cleaning a “family affair” by getting the kids involved. And don’t forget to get hubby involved, too: 80% of the respondents in the Molly Maid survey report that women do the majority of cleaning in their homes.

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