Hovering Dangerously

From the “is nothing sacred?” file comes word that the famous UL Mark is being used fraudulently on certain hoverboards sold in the U.S.

The UL Mark is the sign that a product was tested by the famous safety consulting and certification company formerly known as Underwriters Laboratories. For consumers, the UL Mark has long been a sign that a product is “safe.”

However, in the case of some hoverboards marketed and sold by Swagway, LLC bear, the UL Mark is a false sign of security, since the company is using a counterfeit example of the Mark.

In a statement, UL officials said that none of the Swagway Hoverboards were evaluated by UL to any Standard for Safety.

“For technology such as hoverboards that use lithium-ion batteries, it is important to understand the interaction among components and UL has yet to evaluate any power supplies or battery packs in a hoverboard system,” UL officials said.

UL said that the hoverboards have a label on the bottom with a counterfeit UL Mark. The product packaging is also provided with a counterfeit UL Mark.

These hoverboards were known to be sold at Swagway (Swagway.com), Modell’s Sporting Goods, and Anthem Sports. For more information on UL’s Involvement in Hoverboard Certifications refer to: THIS.

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