Here’s a Very Simple Way to Stimulate Your Brain

A simple, cheap device has been proven to provide stimulation for the brain. Using one for a few minutes a day may be an easy, simple way for certain patients to keep their brains healthier as they age.

Researchers at the famed John Hopkins University Krieger Brain Institute recently found 3000 mechanoreceptors, located just under the skin of each fingertip, that respond to mechanical deformations of the skin brought about by fingertip tracing over sharp injected plastic textures on the surface of something called a Brainpaths device.

A Device that Anyone Can Use

A Brainpaths device is a simple plastic disc that are manufactured with sharp-like protrusions and recessions.

When people run their fingers over the devices, these textures indent into mechanoreceptors in the fingertips to stimulate the brain.

According to the researchers, Brainpaths devices are easy to use, relaxing and enjoyable. People can use them while listening to music or watching a film.

The researchers found that, as people use Brainpaths device, the resulting neurostimulation can clearly be seen using an fMRI scan.

Brainpaths devices are now available in the Alzheimer’s Foundation Best Products store, Montessori Schools, Senior Centers, Nursing Homes, public schools and therapy clinics. Apparently, using them for just a short time each day provides a great deal of neurostimulation therapy.

What’s exciting about these devices is that they are simple, cheap, and don’t require a prescription. People can use them just about anywhere to keep their brains active and stimulated. Find out more at brainpaths.

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