Helping Pets to Survive Car Crashes

The global auto industry has made great strides toward making the vehicles we drive safer in crashes. Safer for human occupants, that is. A new initiative aims to use some of that safety technology for the benefit of the four-legged companies who travel with us.

Subaru of America recently pledged its continuing support for pet safety — and the crash testing of pet safety products — through its partnership with consumer advocacy organization the Center for Pet Safety (CPS).

The auto maker said it will fund CPS’s testing of pet crates and small carriers in crash situations, in a new study designed by CPS.

CPS has enlisted MGA Research Corporation for this testing. The groups say that the tests will make use of specially-designed crash test dogs.

The tests should reveal which crate connection options provide the best solutions for pet owners who travel with their pets.

They will also examine crate and carrier structural integrity, and gather data necessary to formulate testing and crate performance standards.

Hopefully, these tests will show the way toward better equipment and procedures for safeguarding pets who travel in vehicles.

Subaru and CPS said that the results, including a crate sizing guide and best practice for securing pets in vehicles, will be shared later this summer.

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