Have a Heart-Healthy Holiday Season

The rich food and drink that help make the holidays so festive are not only bad for your waistline, they can also be dangerous for your heart health. Should you therefore abstain from these things? Not at all – but you should use a little planning and restraint to keep things in check.

This is why the experts at Cardiovascular Interventions — a company that specializes in cardiac diagnosis and treatment – has prepared the following advice to help you get through the holidays in good heart health:

Plan Ahead – Of course, we’re going to enjoy Grandma’s Pecan Pie or indulge in a treat during all the holiday parties. Knowing that, enjoy a salad for lunch and a piece of fruit for a snack during the day. It’s also wise to eat a high-protein snack prior to leaving for the event, so that you won’t be as hungry.

Smaller Plate – There are so many tempting options on the buffet table, so to force yourself to limit your caloric intake through smaller portion sizes, grab the smallest available plate and enjoy a “tasting” menu.

Schedule Your Exercise – Your schedule will be very hectic this holiday season, so schedule your workouts just as you would any other appointment. You don’t have to attend daily, but try to commit to at least four days per week.

Don’t Drink Your Calories – Liquid calories are just as important as the ones you eat. Keep your water bottle with you at all times, as it will keep you hydrated and keep you “full” without all the alcohol.

Converse with Others – Spend time with the people you care about by engaging in conversation and reduce the stress… this will also keep you away from the buffet table.

Get plenty of sleep – Not getting enough sleep can have a significant impact on your health, such as deprivation, which can contribute to weight gain, cause brain fog and lower immunity, making you more vulnerable to sickness.”

This season is all about the heart, in more ways than one. By exercising some restraint, we can still enjoy all of the good things holidays bring to our plates.


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